Service Agreements

Internet Presence

Internet Presence is the culmination of your Company’s or Small Business’s total online visibility! This includes key elements such as Branding, Content Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management & More…. If you have Digital Philosophy work with you on your entire Internet Presence, then this will encompass one or more of these important Services!!!

Internet Presence Premium Service Agreement:

Hire Digital Philosophy for all Digital Services! This will ensure the quickest growth accelerator for your business. Scale your package and utilize all our abilities to customize your businesses online Internet Presence.

Annual Service Acknowledgement.

6 Month Paid In Full Value Service Available.

Work on SIX Branding Service Agreements simultaneously for the greatest digital "Gains."


A Company Must start with a strong brand to obtain a great foundation and traction in today's competitive market. Choose Branding Services when you want to stand out with your companies name choice and logo design. Our Branding Proposal will contain a selection for an added variety of quality name brand designs. A company may want to consider Re-Branding to capture new markets as Millennials & Generation Z become the primary consumers.

Branding Service Agreement:

Digital Philosophy will Brand your company right the first time. If you already have a Brand that is not engaging the public's attention among the competition, then consider completely Re-Branding the design for a new makeover.

Single Session Service Proposal.

Includes 4 Hours of Branding Design.

Work Directly with a branding specialist with an onsite consultation. Remarkable brainstorming and collaboration with the finest in the industry.

Content Development

New Content is a sure way to revitalize a stagnant business model. With today's bombardment of images, sounds, and videos that stream straight to a customers phone or computer, a business must take advantage of this now. Quality Content is key now that Broadcasting Live and Amateur Productions are populating these sales channels. To see the best possible results you must maximize outstanding content for a minimum of six months to a year.

Content Development Agreement:

Digital Philosophy's promise assures a steady flow of company-approved content with revisions included. See what movies and more can conceptualize for your businesses customer awareness.

Six Month Recommended Acknowledgement.

Annual Agreements Available.

Develop content faster than you can imagine with a team of artist and designers at your businesses call.

Search Engine Optimization

Finding your business must be easy, this is essential for navigating through the overwhelming amount of internet content. Each search engine must index your business profile. The search engines change their algorithms continuously as to what criteria keeps your website at the top page of ranking. You must create, create, create to cross-reference a website so that web crawlers link the sites and verify them as relevant. This element is time-consuming and redundant but effective at making your business the number one brand in a category.

S.E.O. and A.D. Campaigns Agreement:

Study with us at Digital Philosophy so that your companies representative can understand the progressive dynamics involved in maintaining ranking within search engines. Appear where it matters with researched, search keyword terms from what your customers are typing into search engines currently.

Monthly Term With Recommended Renewal.

Annual Agreement Available.

Create the family of reference sites and follow the daily changes to algorithms to hoist your site to the top of your search engines.

Social Media Management

What do you do with a successful Brand and quality Content after it's created? You must obtain followers in an online social setting. This is an organic process but can be streamlined with advertisements. Engagement is key to a successive Social Media campaign. This daily posting of quality Content must be observed by an expert. Social Media follows trends and marketplace disruptions. Navigation of what's Hot and what to Avoid is paramount when thinking about a campaigns effectiveness in obtaining quality followers that seek engagement.

Social Media Agreement:

Capitalize on the Digital Philosophy of engaging followers for all major social networks. Understand the timing and trends and receive training on customer support for these virtual customers. Enjoy creating the type of content that gets positive feedback and support from fans.

Monthly Term With Recommended Renewal.

Annual Agreement Available.

Create more social media content than you think and experience the following increase with daily posts generated with quality assurance from a service agent.

Other Important Services:

  • Website Design

    Inquire with a Digital Consultant to find a Quote for your customized needs today!

  • Graphics Design

    Consult with a Graphics Design artist and become a visual powerhouse!

  • Video Production and Editing

    Encode with a Video Production Specialist and produce effective content now!

  • Business Consulting

    Learn how customizing your Business Plan and utilizing Forms creation can add Structure for your Company! Create entire departments with Us!

  • Marketing

    Enter the infinite possibilities realm with the Marketing Portal!

  • Recruitment

    Build your Mastermind Group of trustworthy candidates!

  • Sales Force

    Increase the Companies bottom line with SalesForce Representatives!